I ran into a Google Maps car on Wednesday lol.....

Thursday, 07 July 2011 Marcel Umphery


Flop 2 Flip Flipper's,

I hope you all had a really good 4th of July weekend! I actually got a chance to enjoy some time with family and friends stuffing down hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and ribs one word GOOD!

About 5 years ago I started using satellite views on google maps to identify potential wholesale deals in our marketplace that would come through one of our motivated seller funnels. This Google tool really helped us get familiar with the area and type of property we were about to make an offer on from single family homes, row houses, town homes, land and commercial property. The satellite view is so good we could even see roof damage to some of the prospective wholesale deals before we even got there.

Then the unthinkable happened one day I was actually using the satellite view and by mistake dragged the little orange man on to the map trying to zoom in and somehow stumbled on the street view tool. This totally changed the game. With the Google street view it made it a lot easier to run comparable sales and actually see the properties up close before actually going out to see them in person. This is so beneficial when talking to motivated seller's especially absentee owners who haven't seen their properties in years. We have had many instances where we have made offers right over the phone just from the picture Google street view has given us.

It's funny I have always been fascinated on how Google managed to get street views of all of the streets in my marketplace and across the country. If you took a strong look at the pic above while I was out getting some office supplies I took a quick pic of one of Google's Map-mobiles in the parking lot with my smart phone. I said to myself so this is how Google's providing us with these awesome street views. Check out the picture below of one of my latest wholesale deals here in Baltimore it's straight off of Google's street view:

If your not already using Google street view hopefully this blog post will change that. It's definitely a good resource to add in your Real Estate Investing toolbox!

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