Flop 2 Flip Q & A Why Skip Tracers

Monday, 13 December 2010 Marcel Umphery

Over the weekend I received a really good question from Kevin Melendez from One Stop R.E.I.A. out in Lorain, OH with a really good question about a tool that I have been using in my wholesaling business for the last six years. If you haven't heard about online skip tracer's your going to today. The skip tracer that I use and my coaching clients use gives us access to anyone and I mean anyone from celebs to your local landlords direct contact information. That's right I said celebs. Let's focus back on the question at hand: How do I use the online skip trace system mentioned in the Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling eManual to buy 70 percent of our deals here in Maryland?

Kevin I use the online skip tracer that I preach about in the  Flop 2 Flip eManual several different ways. My main reason for using it at first was to find the absentee owners and then getting their contact information preferably their phone numbers to call them directly using the cold call script that I provided in the eManual. The cool thing about the skip tracer is it gives you so much information the landlords date of birth, relatives, possible mailing addresses, old roommates and so much more. I would literally make 20 to 30 calls a day to get these vacant properties under contract.

Flop 2 Flippers there are several free online skip tracers out there you can easily gain access to here are a few zabasearch.com, yoname.com, 411.com and yellowpages.com. If your suffering from the affects of the recession don't worry those free sites I just listed should get you off to a great start. But if your an action taker and you don't want to go through the hassle of surfing all those sites for hours trying to find these absentee owners you come across make that investment into your future.

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Happy Wholesaling,

Marcel aka "The Wholesale Kid"

P.S. I am going to be releasing a how to video very soon for the ACTION takers that already purchased the E- Manual investing in their business and more importantly themselves.