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1. Facing your Fears as a Real Estate Investing Newbie
(Matching tags: Washington D.C.,Making offers,VA Sell Houses Fast,Real Estate Newbie,Real Estate Coach,short sales,Marcel Umphery,bandit signs,Wholesaling Houses)
... coached several people who were petrified about putting out bandit signs and sending out direct mail to prospective cash buyers and motivated sellers. I know your thinking just like I was as an experienced ...
Wednesday, 04 July 2012
2. The King James Brown and Bandit Signs?
(Matching tags: motivated sellers,James Brown,bandit signs,Take action,Marcel Umphery)
... he hits up our marketplace with his Bandit Signs putting them in the most strategic places where he has been generating massive traffic. Now you don't generate massive traffic to your business unless ...
Thursday, 10 March 2011
3. Meet Chuck and Nick
(Matching tags: Marcel Umphery,real estate investors,property,bandit signs)
A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog post about the power of being patient. I wanted to share this case study of two guys I started working with about a year ago that happened to come across a great deal ...
Saturday, 20 November 2010
4. Baltimore to Philly and Back Again
(Matching tags: Investors,Wholesale Deals,bandit signs,Marketing,Wholesaling)
The offline marketing did not stop with the Cash Buyer bandit signs. While in Philly I spent about 2 hours driving around looking for investors. I know your wondering how in the world do you drive around ...
Thursday, 28 October 2010
5. Out In the Trenches of West Philadelphia
(Matching tags: cash buyers,bandit signs,Wholesaling)
... pulling bandit signs. Whenever you put out your bandit signs make sure you post them in spots where you get a ton of foot traffic as well as car traffic. In the video below I show you some of the perfect ...
Sunday, 24 October 2010
6. Growing a Rose out of Concrete
(Matching tags: properties under contract,motivated sellers,bandit signs,Wholesaling,Marcel Umphery,Real Estate)
... Their hard work will eventually pay off. I happened to be out with Chris putting up bandit signs one night during the challenge.  ...
Monday, 18 October 2010
7. Get Motivated Sellers Calling You Today
(Matching tags: bandit signs,Wholesaling,How To make bandit signs,get a property under contract,real estate investors)
30 Day Wholesale Deal Challenge Update: Team Jen & Jamaal Vs. Chris "The Determinator" One of the fastest ways to get a property under contract is to put out Bandit Signs. Jen and Chris waste no ...
Thursday, 14 October 2010