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1. Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling Tip I need Lotion!
(Matching tags: Johns Hopkins,Real Estate Negotiating,Wholesale Deal)
Last week a day before the 1st Annual Flip this Recession Wholesaling Conference I had a settlement scheduled with a motivated seller who happened to be a fellow real estate investor that ran into a dilemma ...
Monday, 31 January 2011
2. Keys to Negotiating a Deal
(Matching tags: Motivated Seller,Real Estate Negotiating,Wholesale Deal)
I want to give you my keys to negotiating with a motivated seller that will get you to the profits fast. You are going to have to develop a good working relationship with the other party based on trust ...
Sunday, 14 November 2010
3. Learn How to Pull a Wholesale Deal OFF
(Matching tags: Real Estate,Marcel Umphery,Wholesale Deal,Wholesaling Houses)
I love watching David Blaine he takes it to the edge every time and 90% of the time manages to pull off his stunts. Pulling off a profitable wholesale  ...
Saturday, 06 November 2010
4. Learn How to Negotitate Like a Pro with Sellers
(Matching tags: Wholesale Deal,Real Estate Negotiating,Motivated Seller)
Negotiating with a seller is the most important part of closing a deal for a piece of real estate. It’s also the best time to make sure that you’re paying the best possible price for that piece of real ...
Thursday, 04 November 2010
5. Is Making offers to sellers Hard?
(Matching tags: Real Estate,Wholesale Deal,Offers,Seller)
NO! Make Ridiculously low offers to sellers that most investors are scared to make. When I make offers to sellers I give them a ridiculously low embarrassing offer. You can never know how far you ...
Tuesday, 02 November 2010