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1. When I fell in LOVE with Wholesaling
(Matching tags: short sales,Chicago,Chicago real estate,Baltimore real estate,buying foreclosures,Rehabbing,AUCTIONS,Baltimore,Wholesaling,Real Estate)
... thing was I had never even heard of wholesaling I did not know it existed being your typical newbie the only niches I had heard of and were being glamorized during that time were rehabbing, buying foreclosures, ...
Monday, 14 February 2011
2. 2011 Flip this Recession Conference Recap
(Matching tags: Rehabbing,Bmore News,Flip this Recession,Wholesaling Houses,real estate investors)
If you were not in Baltimore last weekend you missed an opportunity of a lifetime to get trained from A to Z on the art of wholesaling real estate from scratch.  Real estate investors from all over the ...
Thursday, 27 January 2011