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1. When I fell in LOVE with Wholesaling
(Matching tags: short sales,Chicago,Chicago real estate,Baltimore real estate,buying foreclosures,Rehabbing,AUCTIONS,Baltimore,Wholesaling,Real Estate)
... speak the investor language to even play in those arenas. Sitting in the back row at this particular meeting with another young real estate entrepreneur Tony who happened to be from Chicago, IL we both ...
Monday, 14 February 2011
2. What is Hard Money?
(Matching tags: flip,investment property,Hardmoney,real estate investors,Real Estate)
A hard money loan is defined as a loan by which a borrower receives cash or funds that are secured by a piece of real estate. Typically hard money loans are issued at high interest rates – much higher ...
Monday, 22 November 2010
3. Yvette Coles talks about her Success as a Real Estate Investor
(Matching tags: e-manual,Wholesaling Houses,real estate investors,Real Estate)
... was different than most who are just starting out it was time she loves being a stay at home mom but found herself working in her real estate business instead of working on her business. When Yvette discovered ...
Friday, 19 November 2010
4. Real Estate Investors are Excited about the eManual
(Matching tags: e-manual,Wholesaling Houses,real estate investors,Real Estate)
I ran into a few seasoned and new real estate investors at some of my hometown's local real estate investors association meetings and they were buzzing about the E-Manual I have coming out very soon that ...
Thursday, 18 November 2010
5. Learn some of my Wholesaling Secrets
(Matching tags: Real Estate,investor,Wholesale Properties,REIA)
Here’s Something 95% of Your Competition DOESN’T KNOW. You’re flipping motivated sellers, not houses Sellers that are not motivated will not provide any profit margin for you. You need to find motivated ...
Monday, 08 November 2010
6. Late Night Wholesaling Day 5 in Philly UPDATE
(Matching tags: Wholesale,philadelphia,property,Real Estate)
What's going on Flop 2 Flippers? I wanted to give you an update on the West Philadelphia deal and how it's playing out. I am actually in negotiations with a cash buyer who took a look at the property. ...
Sunday, 07 November 2010
7. Learn How to Pull a Wholesale Deal OFF
(Matching tags: Real Estate,Marcel Umphery,Wholesale Deal,Wholesaling Houses)
I love watching David Blaine he takes it to the edge every time and 90% of the time manages to pull off his stunts. Pulling off a profitable wholesale
Saturday, 06 November 2010
8. Chris made $7K Wholesaling on his 1st deal
(Matching tags: Steve Cook,Wholesaling,Real Estate)
... a call and told me about this guy Chris who was trying to figure out how to wholesale real estate and if it would be ok for him to call me. Chris eventually gave me a call and started sending properties ...
Friday, 05 November 2010
9. One of my clients made 50k+
(Matching tags: Wholesale,Wholesale Houses,Real Estate)
... internet blogging and vlogging I started to hit the reply button to give this individual a piece of my mind. I had to really think about it for a moment before I responded. There is no better way to ...
Wednesday, 03 November 2010
10. Is Making offers to sellers Hard?
(Matching tags: Real Estate,Wholesale Deal,Offers,Seller)
NO! Make Ridiculously low offers to sellers that most investors are scared to make. When I make offers to sellers I give them a ridiculously low embarrassing offer. You can never know how far you ...
Tuesday, 02 November 2010
11. Learn How to Market the Right Way
(Matching tags: Wholesale Deals,real estate investors,buyers,Real Estate)
Wholesale deals are meant to be sold quickly – usually within thirty days or sooner. So, how do you find buyers that are ready to purchase your wholesale deals now?  Buyers that can buy wholesale deals ...
Sunday, 31 October 2010
12. Can you Vlog at your Day Job?
(Matching tags: Real Estate,Marcel Umphery,Wholesaling Real Estate)
WARNING: This only applies to folks with cubicles: Don’t attempt this at your cubicle. cMo2DOlWpK8
Saturday, 30 October 2010
13. Cash Buyers Most Wanted
(Matching tags: Rehabbers,REAL ESTATE INVESTING,cash buyers,Real Estate)
Negotiating with a buyer is the second half of real estate investing that needs just as much care – if not more – than negotiating with a seller. When you’re selling, you want to make sure that you’re ...
Monday, 25 October 2010
14. How do you Wholesale?
(Matching tags: Real Estate,Marcel Umphery,property,Wholesale Deals)
Nike said JUST DO IT.
Saturday, 23 October 2010
15. Chris has a House Under Contract
(Matching tags: first deal,undercontract,coaching,Wholesaling,Real Estate)
So the 30 day Wholesale Deal Challenge really works Team Jen & Jamaal is trailing Chris but isn’t far behind I know they will have a deal under contract in no time. Chris like I said before is built ...
Friday, 22 October 2010
16. How to Build a Massive Buyer's List Fast
(Matching tags: cash buyer signs,Real Estate Agents,Marcel Umphery,Wholesaling,Real Estate)
If your going to start wholesaling properties your going to have to build a Cash Buyer's list fast. This will help keep your cash flow steady each and every month. To sustain this, yo u need to build ...
Thursday, 21 October 2010
17. Learn How to Market Your Wholesale Deals
(Matching tags: taking pictures,philadelphia,Marketing,Marcel Umphery,Wholesaling,Real Estate)
I finally found the house in West Philadelphia. I had the chance to meet with the seller to inspect the property and get my 1 dollar down option contract signed.
Wednesday, 20 October 2010
18. Growing a Rose out of Concrete
(Matching tags: properties under contract,motivated sellers,bandit signs,Wholesaling,Marcel Umphery,Real Estate)
I know your curious to who is ahead during the 30 day Wholesale Deal Challenge it's still a dead lock tie. Team Jen & Jamaal and Chris are out in the trenches everyday looking for motivated sellers. ...
Monday, 18 October 2010
19. Wholesaling Houses in Philadelphia, PA Part 2
(Matching tags: coaching,wholesale houses from scratch,hard money,cash buyers,philadelphia,Real Estate)
I made it into Philadelphia safe and sound with one of my good friends Jamaal Jackson of Good Time Homebuyers who has some of the best deals in MD, DC and VA. I actually got lost a few times even with ...
Saturday, 16 October 2010
20. Jamaal & Jen vs. Chris in the 30 Day Wholesale Deal Challenge
(Matching tags: Wholesaling,property under contract,Wholesaling,Real Estate,coaching)
... in Real Estate Jamaal Jackson & Jennifer Anthony of Good Time Homebuyers  and Chris Shuler of CPark Homebuyers who had not closed a wholesale deal to date at the start of this challenge. They will ...
Friday, 08 October 2010
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