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1. Baltimore to Philly and Back Again
(Matching tags: Investors,Wholesale Deals,bandit signs,Marketing,Wholesaling)
The offline marketing did not stop with the Cash Buyer bandit signs. While in Philly I spent about 2 hours driving around looking for investors. I know your wondering how in the world do you drive around ...
Thursday, 28 October 2010
2. Learn How to Market Your Wholesale Deals
(Matching tags: taking pictures,philadelphia,Marketing,Marcel Umphery,Wholesaling,Real Estate)
I finally found the house in West Philadelphia. I had the chance to meet with the seller to inspect the property and get my 1 dollar down option contract signed.
Wednesday, 20 October 2010
3. Resources
(Matching tags: Real Estate,Links,Resources,Marketing)
Tools and Resources www.craigslist.org - This is a free site where you can post ads for your wholesale deals for sale. www.backpage.com - This is a free site where you can post ads for your wholesale ...
Thursday, 07 October 2010