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Learn How to Find a Buyer and Close a Deal

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Can’t Find a Buyer?

Finding a seller is only half of the battle my friend in fact its pretty darn easy.  If you don’t have a buyer you don’t have a deal. Luckily for you I have

some flawless strategies you can use in order to find a buyer to close your wholesale deals even if your just starting out.


1. Do a Deal Split with another Wholesaler – Is 50 percent of the Deal better than a big FAT ZERO? Of Course. Many wholesale investors are willing to split the profit 50/50. Meaning they will find a buyer for your available wholesale deal(s). If you don’t have a real buyers list built yet I highly recommended partnering up with someone in your market place that does.

2. House for Sale Signs - It’s a must that you put it out to the world that you have a property for sale. Use signs that have the house information and your phone number on it. Put these on median strips and even at the actual house. You’ll be amazed by the results. It will literally have your phone ringing off the hook for weeks.

3. Craiglist, Backpage and Facebook - Their FREE, EASY and EFFECTIVE ways to find buyers. Use these websites to show thousands and thousands of people the investment property you have under contract and looking to assign.

Dealing With Shady, “All Talk No Action” Buyers?

These can really kill and demolish one of your deals! The easiest solution is to pre screen all of your potential buyers. I don’t care who it is! Make them show you a proof of funds and make sure they put down a deposit with your title company. If you don’t do this in the beginning you’re in for a rude awakening.

Get a Investor Friendly Title Company on your team.

Without a title company involved there is no way you can make any money wholesaling real estate. You can find a investor friendly title company several different ways. I would recommend visiting you local real estate investors association/club there is always a title company hanging around looking for more clients. You can find an association or club in your area by visiting www.nationalreia.com. Make sure you ask if they conduct settlements for wholesale deals or assignments. Always remember to be persistent in this business. I’ve had deals where I had to constantly call the buyer, seller and title company to make sure the deal is going as smooth as possible. If you don’t want to take the time to do this then pay someone to do it. Either way if you’re not persistent in this business you will fall on your face every time.