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It's Time to Go get PAID in West Philly

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Hey Flop 2 Flipper's,

After about 14 days 15 to 20 cash buyer signs later, about sixty cold calls I was able to find a cash buyer by partnering up with another wholesaler in the area. After getting an investor friendly title company referral from a seasoned investor in the area and joint venturing with a well known house flipper in Philadelphia we were able to close this deal profiting $6,000.

Take a trip up the I-95 with me and Jamaal Jackson of Good Time Home Buyers and meet Bill Jurr the wholesaler I partnered up with and Karen Matz of Matz Land Transfer. Check out the videos below:






Take Care,


P.S. Since my trip to Philadelphia I have been getting a ton of emails, texts, and calls from wholesalers, investors, and newbies wanting to know how I do what I do. I can honestly say I haven't gotten back to everyone due to my schedule. But, I have a HUGE event coming very soon in Baltimore that I want all of you to attend. Stay tuned......