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Chris made $7K Wholesaling on his 1st deal

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Chris Shuler has to be one of the most motivated people I know. I actually met Chris through a good friend, early mentor and current business and life coach Steve Cook www.Lifeonaire.com. Steve gave me a call and told me about this guy Chris who was trying to figure out how to wholesale real estate and if it would be ok for him to call me. Chris eventually gave me a call and started sending properties my way that he was thinking about wholesaling.

For almost 12 months I watched Chris stumble and fall over deals but at the same time he never let his failures defeat him. After witnessing his work ethic I decided to give him an internship opportunity within in one of our firms divisions in exchange for no pay just wholesaling knowledge. He hit the ground running. In just these 30 days Chris actually put two properties under contract and he has many more in his pipeline.

Take a look at some footage of Chris holding up a big FAT check below:




Take Care,


P.S. The lesson you can take from this post is sacrifice. Chris worked in my office for free and still is til this day.