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Day 3 Showing the House in Philly from Baltimore

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I actually got a lot of traction from just putting out my Cash Buyer signs during the first few days of putting the property on the market. After collecting everyone’s email that called I sent over more information on the property and waited for my phone to ring to schedule a viewing. Check out the video below



Now I did not just wait for a lucky buyer to call. See once you get a property under contract and you put out your Cash Buyer signs the game has just begun. It’s time to post your deal all over craigslist, Backpage, Postlets, Vflyer, all over the internet even Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Not to mention getting in contact with the other real estate professionals in our industry that post on the various classified sites as well.

Take Care.


P.S. Stay tuned for Day 5 it starts to get interesting.