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Learn How to Market the Right Way

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Wholesale deals are meant to be sold quickly – usually within thirty days or sooner. So, how do you find buyers that are ready to purchase your wholesale deals now?  Buyers that can buy wholesale deals are not your average buyers and you will need to be creative when finding them.

Put Up For Sale Signs

Make sure there is sign with your phone number clearly visible on the property you have under contract. You want people to drive by and know who to call if they are interested in buying the property. If you can and your local by-laws allow,

consider putting up signs on telephone poles, bulletin boards, and anywhere else that people will drive by this will create a huge buzz in your marketplace.


Call fellow investors, as well as house-buying companies

‘We buy houses’ ads can be found on bandit signs, websites or in the newspaper classifieds. You can find other real estate investors shopping for materials at the local Home Depots or Lowes, these are great places to hand out fliers or leave them on cars in the parking lot. Make sure that you have all property information on the flier so they can make a quick decision. When you start calling the We Buy Houses bandit signs you will most likely be getting in touch with other wholesalers. If you haven’t grown a huge buyer’s list yet they can be very helpful in bringing you a qualified buyer for one of your wholesale deals.

Get in touch with landlords in the area

Once you get a property under contract it is always good drive around the neighborhood and locate properties that are for rent. Call each landlord and see if they are looking for any properties to add to their rental portfolio. Don’t just call to sell them your property try to build some rapport and a relationship with the landlords find out how you can assist them in reaching their investment goals. Ask questions like; what type of properties do you like to buy?, How many bedrooms do you usually look for?, What neighborhoods do you like investing in? If you plan on becoming a successful wholesaler you need to start building relationships a good way to do that is offering resources your investors can use. For example if you know of a good contractor, property manager, accountant, or insurance agent. Just by taking out a little time to find out your clients needs and wants could keep them around for a very long time.

Post Ads on Craigslist, Back Page, Postlets, and on Message Boards

Posting your wholesale deals on the online classified sites they are free to use. Once you get a property under contract its time to start marketing it. If you haven’t already visited and set up accounts with these three websites you need to do it.  Craigslist gets ton s of traffic every single day. You should post your ads at least three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening to ensure your post is seen by the investors that visit the site. BackPage does not get as much traffic as Craigslist but is just as effective your post are more likely to be seen because most wholesalers are using Craigslist.  Postlets.   Wholesaling houses requires no money and no credit to be successful. The work is in the marketing, so it’s important that you are diligent and consistent and you will keep interested buyers waiting for your wholesales.