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Baltimore to Philly and Back Again

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The offline marketing did not stop with the Cash Buyer bandit signs. While in Philly I spent about 2 hours driving around looking for investors. I know your wondering how in the world do you drive around looking for real estate investors. Can you tell just be looking at someone? Yes and No.

See after you put a property under contract in your marketplace you want to contact people and businesses that are in your same industry.

In Maryland I always look for new construction in the neighborhoods where we put properties under contract. There are two reasons why you need to do this. When real estate investors start a rehab project it is mandatory that they pull the proper permits before starting the work posting them outside of the property for inspectors to see them. These permits have some very important information on them. The owners name, mailing address, and sometimes their direct phone number. If their information isn’t there then the contractors contact information is and they will most likely get you in contact with the owner.

Learn how to get in contact with potential buyers for your future and current wholesale deals with some of my secret strategies that I share in the vLog below:




Happy Wholesaling,


P.S. I am going to get really detailed with how to launch your wholesale deals in the Wholesale Launch Blueprint that will come with the e-Manual that's coming very soon!