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Learn How to Market Your Wholesale Deals

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I finally found the house in West Philadelphia. I had the chance to meet with the seller to inspect the property and get my 1 dollar down option contract signed.

After getting the contract signed and briefing the seller on how the wholesaling process works I started

taking pictures and video footage for our marketing campaigns.

Quick Tip: Never take pictures of a property unless you have it under contract or your bird dogging for a seasoned pro. With my lucky digital camera I took about 12 pictures and shot a quick video tour of the house for our potential investors. Check out the pictures and video I used during our marketing campaign. See how its done below:

Always get a shot of the following: Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, mechanics, exterior rear, and living area. Take at least 10 to 12 pictures to see more pictures of this wholesale deal Click Here

If you decide to give your buyers a video tour of your wholesale deals. I recommend keeping it under 4 to 5 minutes. Statistics show most people don't have really big attention spans. I don't. The video below has been viewed over 150 times.



Happy Wholesaling : )

Marcel "The Wholesale Kid" Umphery

P.S. If you think this was some good info wait until you see what's inside the e-Manual coming soon!