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Growing a Rose out of Concrete

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I know your curious to who is ahead during the 30 day Wholesale Deal Challenge it's still a dead lock tie. Team Jen & Jamaal and Chris are out in the trenches everyday looking for motivated sellers. Their hard work will eventually pay off. I happened to be out with Chris putting up bandit signs one night during the challenge.

I had to come up with a nickname for this guy because it seems like he never runs out of energy and won’t stop until the job is complete. Watch Chris “The Terminator” aka "The Determinator" grow a Deal Rose out of Concrete and much more. We had a lot of FUN that night!



Take Care,


P.S. Don't break the law. I highly recommend that you put your signs out on a Friday night and note down exactly where you placed your signs. Go back Sunday night or early Monday morning to collect all of your signs to keep the sign authorities off your back and also save yourself money in fines and in signs.

Quick Tip: Once you start getting properties under contract place a few of your bandit signs in the front yard or windows of theses houses. These signs stay up for days even weeks.