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Wholesaling Houses in Philadelphia, PA ???

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I have been getting inbox messages on my Facebook page for over a year from folks in Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA , Washington, DC, Chicago, IL and many other cities around the country asking if they can Wholesale Houses where they live. The answer is absolutely. I recently received a lead from a friend in New Jersey who’s father and Grandmother were relocating to Florida and needed to sell their property in West Philadelphia, PA fast. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to take you right into the mix of doing a wholesale deal from scratch.

Take a ride to West Philadelphia with me. I haven't been to Philly since grade school. Let alone sold a property there before. Watch below as I gas up for my wholesaling journey in the uncharted waters of West Philly.



P.S. Having a a couple of good Bird dogs on your team is a great way to start filling up your deal funnel each and every month. Do you have a Bird Dog on your team?