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Jamaal & Jen vs. Chris in the 30 Day Wholesale Deal Challenge

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That’s right over the next 30 days I challenge you to get a property under contract. I will be providing you with tools, info-packed articles and resources to get a property under contract. Many of you will stumble along the way and some will actually make progress fairly quickly. Don’t worry if you get off to a slow start these houses aren’t going anywhere and the knowledge your going to pick up along the way is priceless.

Over the summer I challenged three of our coaching clients to put a property under contract in 30 days or less using several easy wholesaling techniques. Meet the hottest couple in Real Estate Jamaal Jackson & Jennifer Anthony of Good Time Homebuyers  and Chris Shuler of CPark Homebuyers who had not closed a wholesale deal to date at the start of this challenge. They will be competing over the next 30 days to put a house under contract.

During the 30 day Wholesale Deal Challenge you are going to learn how to market for sellers and dig up buyers on the next post so stay tuned in. And feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of these post. And if your an action taker take the tips that will be shared and start applying them. Share your success with us through video or text.

Who will get a Deal under contract and SOLD first?


Jamaal & Jen Vs. Chris

Take Care,


Marcel "The Wholesale Kid"

P.S. My money is on...... Folks remember its not a race its a marathon!