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Best Places to find Motivated Sellers

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Motivated Sellers = BIG PAY DAYS. Here Are 4 Easy No BS ways to Find Motivated Sellers in your Marketplace!


There are a lot of things that can turn a happy property owner into a disgruntled property owner. It might be the pipes bursting or the endless amount of repairs it seems to require to get the house or property in a habitable condition. The property may be a rental property and the land lord has grown tired of dealing with tenant issues. Alternatively, the owner may be over-leveraged or could have run into some serious financial problems that have caused the house to be a bigger liability than a asset. Although these situations can suggest someone would be enthusiastic to sell their property, most people don’t like to expose these potentially embarrassing situations or admit they’re in trouble. So a question that is frequently asked is: How do I find these motivated sellers? Check out 4 ways that have worked for us in the past and currently below.

Big Garage/Yard Sales

Although this shouldn’t initially spell trouble, if you start seeing people selling all their furniture, and advertising a big moving sale, it could mean there’s a house sale in the works. You don’t need to be too nosey, but be sure to ask a couple of friendly questions about where somebody is moving and why there moving. You’ll be surprised the information that you find.

The Court House

You can find many leads at the courthouse whether it’s personal representatives who are in charge of estates or disgruntled land lords who are tired of their tenants in rent court. You’ll be amazed at how much information you will find at the court house where you live.


Anytime you see an advertisement for a big-ticket item, such as a ring or a hot tub, be sure to call and see if there’s anything else for sale. This could spell financial disaster or divorce, and someone may own a property(s) that they are more than willing to sell to you.

For Rent Advertisements and Signs

Not everyone wants to be a landlord and not everyone wants to be a landlord after a series of bad tenants. Phone each FOR RENT sign that you see and explain to the landlord that you are in the business of buying houses and you want to know if they’re interested in selling. The worst that can happen is that they say no. So what if they do add them on your buyer’s list. Ask them if they would be interested in buying more properties in that same exact neighborhood.

Happy Wholesaling : - )