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Using Bandit Signs as a Tool

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Stop Looking For Deals…

Let Them Come to YOU! Map Out your route FIRST, Hey don’t be offended! I did the same thing when I started out. Make sure you know where you’re going to place your bandit signs before you go out.

Would you rather this take 1 hour or 5 hours? Trust me it can be painful driving around wondering where to put your signs.

What Kind of Signs Are Most Effective?

In my personal experience the best signs to use are black text with yellow background. Other alternatives are Red Text or Blue Text on a white background. This has been proven to catch most people’s attention and it’s completely readable.

What Should My Signs Say?

Keep it simple! There are many sites you can use that will have custom investor bandit signs. Use “We Buy Houses” or “I Buy Houses”. It gets the message across and it’s been working for the longest time. Why would you reinvent the wheel when you already have something that works perfectly fine?

Where Should I Put The Signs?

Ideally the best place to put bandit signs is at busy intersections. Don’t put any more than four signs per intersection. Using four signs will enable you to have a sign that can be seen from every direction people are traveling. Remember, you want people see your sign the best time to get people to read is when they’re stopped at the traffic light or stop sign. When placing your sign, pay attention to the height of the sign, which is also important if people are going to see the sign from far back and close up. Also, when the sign is being placed in the ground, make sure you have installed it in such a way that it is freestanding, and it will be able to handle mild weather conditions. We usually use H - Stakes and 48 inch zip ties.

Where can you get these signs?

I have been using www.BanditSigns.com they have a special going on right now!

Happy Wholesaling : )

Marcel "The Wholesale Kid"