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How Do You Cruise for Cash

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It’s literally a way where you can make money off of houses that you drive past every single day during your daily travels.


Recommended TOOLS:

  • Audio Recording Device
  • A Friend/Family Member riding with you with a note pad
  • A Car That Doesn’t  Break Down too Often
  • Snacks and Good Music


This is what I use when I Cruise For Cash. When you are out driving looking for potential wholesale deals you want to look for houses that have overgrown grass, broken windows, important looking notices on the doors, FOR RENT and FSBO signs. These are all signs of motivation that can eventually equal a big fat check in your bank account.

I usually use an audio recording device because it’s easier to do then pull over with a pen and paper and much safer too. If you have a friend with you then you won’t have any problems at all. With the right tools you can write down 80 to 100 houses in just a few hours in most market places it’s an incredibly powerful technique.

Always remember to have a good time when you’re doing this though! It’s not hard work and shouldn’t be hated like hard work. Play some music and enjoy your freedom as a real estate investor. You don’t have a BOSS to tell you what to do and what not to do.


After you gather addresses of prospective wholesale deals you either want to mail these property owners letters or call them. If you’re new it’s probably best to call them… plus some property owners respond better when you call them instead of just writing them a letter or vice-versa. However letters do tend to hang around when you send them. A property owner might not be willing to sell you their property at the time you contact them but down the road they may pick up the phone and call you about a letter you wrote to them months or even years before. You can find these property owners contact information with your local real property data bases online or your local real property tax assessors office. This is a great way to find the property owners name and address. From there you may even want to take it a step further and find their phone number. On the internet it’s very easy to find phone numbers using www.zabasearch.com

Once you get their number you’ll simply call them saying “Hi my name is (your name) and I was interested in buying your house located at (the vacant property). If they’re truly motivated they’ll continue the conversation. Surprisingly most people you will call are going to be friendly but you might get a bad apple here and there. The worst thing someone had once said to me was I wouldn't sell you a f....ing dog house. I could do nothing but Laugh Out Loud lol......

Anyway good luck this week Cruising for Cash! And share this article with your friends and family. "Knowledge is Power"


Take Care,

Marcel Umphery a.k.a. "The Wholesale Kid"


P.S. It's not safe to use your cell phones while Cruising for Cash. Get a voice recorder press record and place it on your console.