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Facing your Fears as a Real Estate Investing Newbie

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One of the biggest things that I see hold most people back from reaching some level of success in business and life is that they are very scared at Failing Forward (which by the way is a very good book by John C. Maxwell) I have received emails, phone calls to my office and facebook messages from folks all over the country that have been sitting on the fence outside of the Real Estate Investing arena because they have been scared out of their pants and skirts to make offers to motivated sellers, listed bank owned properties for sale, REO's and short sales in their marketplace.

I'v also mentored and coached several people who were petrified about putting out bandit signs and sending out direct mail to prospective cash buyers and motivated sellers. I know your thinking just like I was as an experienced real estate investor "scared of sending out marketing to cash buyers" many newbies face these fears each and every day. One of my main focus points with my coaching/mentoring program is helping my members get over their fears and start making profits.

What to many people do is allow one little fear sabotage their entire wholesaling, rehabbing, short sale, REO and real estate investing business before it even get's off the ground. That is why it is highly beneficial to reach out to an expert, coach, or mentor to help you face your fears head on and eventually conquer them like the True Champion you are. Recently I got over one of my FEAR'S yes Marcel Umphery fears things too. I learned how to fly a plane (a float plane to be exact) was I scared at first yes, was it easy no, but did I make it.......watch the video below and see for your self.

Look you can start facing your fears today after obtaining my Specialized knowledge that I have secretly placed in my Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling Real Estate Manual that has been changing lives since 2010 and counting here is a link to gain access to my FREE eCourse and GPS Guide www.flop2flipwholesaling.com if you live or have friends or family that need a real estate mentor or coach visit my local real estate investing coaching program in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas at www.dmvreiunited.com

Watch me Face one of my Fears Head on Below: