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College Kid makes BIG Money Wholesaling a House

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Flop 2 Flipper's,

A few month's ago I decided to go back to my Alma Mater Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD where I graduated with a Physical Education degree in 2006 to hold a lecture on "What they Don't Teach you in College". Even though I have yet to use my degree like 95% of most people I cherish the experience's that I had during my college days they were some of my most memorable. With the launch of our NEW website www.TheyDontTeachThisinCollege.com

I thought it was only right to hold a info-packed lecture in the Earl Grave Business School on the exact same campus where I was introduced to Real Estate Investing.

During the presentation I shared my story, tips, how to methods and the importance of setting wholesaling real estate as the foundation of your real estate career. I could not believe how excited the college students were about the concepts I was sharing. See back when I was taking classes we never had a grass rooted entrepreneur come in and tell us all the pit falls to look out for and supply us with real resources we could actually start using while we were in college. They speaker's that always came in spoke the usual corporate geek speak. I had to be different. At the end of the lecture I offered my manual to the students and they ate it ALIVE.


See after the lecture the students realized my manual had answers to some of their current problems credit card debt and even worse student loans that were creeping up after graduation. See using the concepts in the Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling Manual the students could see how they could easily position themselves to make 3K to $10,000 dollars in the next 30 days and guess what one of them just closed their first deal. Check out the check and videos and if your still on the fence about if Wholesaling works or not GET off the FENCE and go get your Wholesaling Real Estate Manual TODAY! -----> www.GetmyWholesalingManualToday.com

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