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[Video] interview with Arizona real estate investor Cody Sperber

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Hey fellow Flop 2 Flippers,

I just got back from Sunny Tampa Bay, Florida again for the forth time this year and I have to say I had a phenomenal time while I was there. I got a chance to catch up with one of my friends Cody Sperber and his business partner Dana Vanhoose from Phoenix, Arizona again while in Tampa at the 1st Annual Buy American Real Estate Tour where we shared the stage together, taught and informed the attendees from around the world the importance of why now is the best time to Buy American Real Estate. While sitting in on their Real Estate Investing presentation I could really relate to them both Dana and Cody held nothing back they shared some of their mistakes and triumph's while pursuing their success throughout their real estate investing journey.

Even though I was a featured speaker/trainer at the event last weekend I sat in on most of the real estate and internet marketing experts there. See I realized along time ago you should never stop educating yourself once you have reached a certain level of success. Success is a evolutionary process you can and will always achieve and learn more. When Cody and Dana revealed the M3 Mobile Marketing Machine I was totally blown away. I got so excited I had to pull one of them away for a interview check out the video's below and for more information on the M3 Mobile Marketing Machine www.M3Flop2Flip.com