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Do you need a GAS Card this weekend?

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YES, you do if your going to be Cruising for Cash!

I want to share with you a strategy that I have been using since I started out in this business. I actually discovered this method by mistake. If you have been following our blog or your one of the action takers that has possession of my wholesaling real estate manual then you already have heard the story of how I bought my first house for $850 bucks. Don't worry if you haven't heard it yet I'm gonna let you in on some of it right now.

Around this time about 9 years ago I purchased a book from my local court house for only $4.00 with a list of about one thousand properties all over Baltimore City. The list that I purchased was the tax sale list of properties that weren't bid on at auction basically the left overs. This list gave anyone the opportunity to purchase these Tax Sale certificates pennies on the dollar. It felt a little like Christmas when I started looking through the book seeing the prices I could pay for a piece of real estate here in Baltimore, MD.

The moment I left the courthouse with that book I started driving around to the neighborhoods I was familiar with which wasn't that many but I soon learned my entire home town like the back of my hand. I also had the help of MapQuest back then which made it a lot easier to find properties of interest. During those days I would drive around looking at the houses on the tax sale list  but I started noticing houses that were vacant but not listed on the tax sale list or listed with a real estate agent. During that time I had not discovered wholesaling real estate but in the back of my mind I always wondered was there a way I could buy those houses too. Here are a few pics of some STRONG signs of a vacant house below:

Wholesale boarded up houses Wholesaling Houses with high grass flip houses with no blinds in the window flop_2_flip_nation_wholesale_houses_with_phonebooks

Read my 10 Cruising 4 Cash Wholesaling Real Estate ACTION steps straight out of my Manual below:

Now this is what I want you to do this weekend follow this step by step process and I guarantee you will have a lengthy list of potential motivated seller leads.

1. Pick a neighborhood your familiar with.

2. Take a partner if you can four eyes are better than two.

3. Take a notepad or voice recorder.

4. Put your seat belt on and hazard lights on.

5. Start looking for the following: boarded up houses, high grass, no blinds in windows, phone books, fire damage basically a lifeless looking house.

6. Take down at least 20 addresses or more. Imagine if you take down 20 addresses for five straight days that's 100 leads in 5 days.

7. Find out your local appraiser's or land records office or website and find out who the owner's are.

8. Get in contact with the owner's by sending letters to there residences, door knocking or cold calling them.

9. Set up a time to inspect the property.

10. Get the Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling Manual to put all together and get your deals to the SETTLEMENT table so you can start CASHING those big phat checks.

Have a Great Weekend,


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