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Flop 2 Flip Nation we are under ZACK ATTACK!

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Hey Flop 2 Flipper's it has been a crazy last couple of months on my end. Not in a BAD way in a GREAT way! Over the last couple of months I have been traveling back and forth to sunny Florida training folks on the Art of Wholesaling Real Estate, continuing my education at the same time, and networking with some of the best in the business. My last trip to Tampa Bay, Florida was a eye opener for me I meet with some very special people at the Zack Attack Launch.

Some of our Nation's and the World's top internet marketer's and real estate trainer's were in the house. Just to name a few Steph Davis, Tim Taylor, Tim Mai, Dustin Matthews, Cory Boatright, Kenny Rushings, Dave Van Hoose, Bob Massey, Drew Downs, Cody Sperber, Russ Hamilton, Ted Thomas, Charles Blair, Sam Bell, Dave Lindahl, DC Fawcett, Sam Khorramian, Mike Cuevas, Derek Pierce, Russell Brunson and many more.

Why did all of these great minds and talents come together? 1 Answer Zack Childress

This guy Zack is a Wholesaling Real Estate House Flipping Deal making GENIUS! I got a chance to spend a little one on one time with him picking his wholesaling mind. He shared some really good information on his NEW School investing strategies that are working for him in our NEW economy and that a ton of his students are actually using to CLOSE deals each and every month.

I actually implemented one of his 6 money making strategies Co-Wholesaling with one of my Coaching Clients a few weeks ago and we just closed a deal grossing over $17k (Video Coming Soon!) that Zack is giving away for free here Click this Link and Get Them Here

Check out the video below I actually grabbed Zack from out of the crowd and pulled some of the Top Real Estate Investor's from around the country to the side to tell you all about what all the BUZZ is about and how you an get INVOLVED!



Here is the Link to Zack's Mind---> Co- Wholesaling Revealed