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The King James Brown and Bandit Signs?

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Earlier this week I was out in the trenches with one of my new coaching clients here in Baltimore, MD. This guy has only been in the program for 30 days and let me tell you he is Super Bad! Every Friday he hits up our marketplace with his Bandit Signs putting them in the most strategic places where he has been generating massive traffic.

Now you don't generate massive traffic to your business unless you are taking MASSIVE ACTION! We started the morning off initially going out to see 3 houses while we were out inspecting properties James ended up getting a couple of calls from motivated sellers. Watch the video below and pick up some tips on how he takes his incoming calls:



Take Care,



P.S. Now I hope you picked up on one of the most important tips in the video above. James and I took immediate action not wasting anytime once the call came in we took the call and then scheduled a time to go an inspect the house. What this does is create MOMENTUM!