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Meet Steph Davis TODAY!

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About 3 years ago I came across a Youtube video of this pretty young lady named Steph Davis the video was content packed I could not believe how much information she was sharing with new and seasoned investor's on the  REO (bank owned property niche). She literally spills her guts for several minutes, usually when you come across videos on YouTube you will get maybe 4 to 6 minutes from an expert. Steph's vlogs usually last 6 to 10 minutes full of content.

Not only does Steph knock her video tips out the park her forever growing BLOG is jam packed with a wealth of knowledge and resources available to real estate investors to take advantage of at their finger tips. If you have a question about this business Steph Davis has the answer. Click Here Visit Steph's Blog

Recently I happened to be down in her home town of Tampa, FL and got the chance to have a Starbucks 4-hour brainstorming session with her. We shared our experiences in the business, online and off-line marketing strategies, our mistakes in the business and much more. Steph and I also have several mutual friends in our industry come to find out. We were actually both mentored by one of the top residential real estate investors in the country Steve Cook founder of FlippingHomes.com and The Lifeonaire.

Steph and I recently held an online Q & A via Youtube that I want to share with you. The content in these video's is worth Thousands check them out below and thank us later : ) Feel free to leave a question or comment!