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When I fell in LOVE with Wholesaling

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I came up with a GENIUS idea that night I told Tony we should swap the manuals since with both were dissatisfied with our purchases I had no intentions in putting together any short sales any time soon and 3 to 10k did not motivate him. It was a match made in heaven. We decided we were going to meet up at the next local real estate event and exchange manuals. It was about a week until the next meeting I was on edge those 5 to 6 days on google researching wholesaling it was like love at first site. I came across so many forums talking about how it's the best way to start if your a newbie in the business there is no risk, no money and no experience needed I thought that was SO SEXY! I called Tony like 4 times that week to make sure he was coming to the next meeting. That meeting finally happened I did not even go into the meeting that night I meet Tony in the parking lot before and we swapped manuals and I speed straight home reading every single page I did not put that book down literally until I had read every single page. I never saw Tony again. Me and that manual were inseparable I took it everywhere I went class, the barbershop everywhere referencing it whenever I was unsure of something and constantly reading and highlighting what I thought were important points. I could not wait to get it on and popping with my first deal.

A few weeks after reading the manual I landed my first deal 12 properties with no money, no credit and I had no experience what so ever. I ended up finding a buyer to purchase these properties and I ended up netting $34k on my first deal. I wasn't a wholesale deal virgin anymore! I always wondered if Tony ever closed any of those 30 to $50k deals......................

Happy Valentines Day,


P.S. If you haven't fell in love with Wholesaling yet don't be scared it's going to love you back more than you with ever think!