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2011 Flip this Recession Conference Recap

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If you were not in Baltimore last weekend you missed an opportunity of a lifetime to get trained from A to Z on the art of wholesaling real estate from scratch.  Real estate investors from all over the country came to learn new money making strategies that are working right now in our current economy. With over 100 people in the house the networking atmosphere was unbelievable that alone was enough to be there.

Flip this Recession

I was jacked out of my mind all weekend I hardly slept due to the excitement of both days. Day 1 we broke down wholesaling to a science classroom style. I shared everything from the meaning of wholesaling and why you need to do it and my 7 step surefire process to get all of your deals to the closing table FAST! I appreciate all of the folks who gave testimonies and sent emails about how much value Mike and I added to your businesses in the classroom and out in the field.

Mike shared some of his SECRETS on Rehabbing and Flipping REO's and I actually went public with my A.I.P. formula that is accurate 99.9% of the time when making offers no one in attendance had ever seen it. This formula puts the M.A.O. (Maximum Allowable Offer) formula to sleep in this current housing market we are in right now. Those 3 topics were not even a pinch of the information that was shared last weekend. My business partner and I put together 16 hours of actionable content to add value to peoples lives and to help them to become successful learning from our mistakes, experiences and triumphs. We will be holding several more info packed events through out the year so stay tuned in!



To your Success,

Marcel Umphery A.K.A. "The Wholesale Kid"