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About the Founders of Flop 2 Flip Nation

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Meet the Contributors

Marcel Umphery a.k.a. "The Wholesale Kid"

Fellow real estate investors and future real estate investors I started my investing career early during my sophomore year of college taking a refund check most students on financial aid received towards the end of each semester and investing it in Tax Sale Certificates. Buying my first house for just $850.00 and then selling the house 18 months later for $25,000 that got me hooked on Real Estate Investing. Starting out at an early age I have gone through a lot of ups and downs in the business making mistakes along the way and learning from them.

At the same time, my company has renovated over 20 houses since 2005 and bought, sold and controlled over 5 million Dollars in Real Estate. Along with being an investor I have been given the opportunity to speak at several Real Estate Investor Association meetings in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia Metropolitan area on Real Estate Investing & Wholesaling Real Estate and now I'm sharing my knowledge and experiences with new and seasoned investors through our coaching program and informational products. At the same time I'm always looking to learn from others in my industry!


Michael Jones a.k.a. "The Deal Engineer"

I started my real estate career during my junior year in college at Morgan State University. I began as an intern for a large construction company and saw first hand the opportunities that exist in the Real Estate Industry no matter what type of economic climate we are in. My first deal was a gut rehab in 2005. The initial success from that deal propelled me in discovering my passion in providing beautiful homes to suit the needs for all of our customers.

Not only have I dabbled in the rehabbing arena, I also lease several properties to college students and enjoy wholesaling deals in Maryland and Washington, DC. My business partner and I have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We are active within the community promoting home ownership and providing turn key investment properties and opportunities to investors looking to grow their portfolio with great deals. Collectively we have bought, sold and controlled millions of dollars of real estate and we are looking to expand the Flop 2 Flip Nation movement nationwide.