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Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling Q&A Starbucks Video

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Just happened to be in Starbucks with a good friend sipping my grande hot chocolate and banana nut bread one of my favorites when I received my first question from someone that just purchased my E-Manual. Now I honestly thought I would be receiving typed emails from folks that had questions.

Milton Lawrence from www.truthofsuccess.com sent me a Youtube link that I thought was really innovative not to mention after watching his Youtube channel truthofsuccess I witnessed how motivated this guy really is. Milton was actually out on Thanksgiving taking action using one of the strategies from inside the Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling E-Manual.

Check out his vlog below:



Hey, Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope all of you are having a Fantastic Turkey Day. Enjoy this time to spend with your loved ones and reflect on how fortunate we truly are. At the same time enjoy all of the good food that will be served today but don't be to greedy. You might end up fighting Uncle Joe over some cornbread and you might end up in a food fight like the Simpson's lol....


Happy Thanksgiving,

Marcel & Mike

P.S. I came across this awesome quote below that I felt compelled to share with you.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” - Albert Pine


E-Manual Contest WINNER!

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Congratulations Iman Yusef-Yahya of Belmar Investment Group

I want to thank all of the contestants that participated in the Essay/Video E-Manual contest. I really appreciate all of you that shared your visions, goals, hurdles and experiences. It was really hard to pick just one winner because I feel that you all expressed and displayed something either in your essay or video that makes you a winner.

There will be many more contest don't worry we have much more to come. I look forward in hearing from you all in the future.


Happy Wholesaling,


P.S. Only 24 hrs left for you to get your very own copy of my Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling E-Manual.

P.P.S. Iman, I will be sending your an email with Special Instruction on how to receive your E-Manual.


What is Hard Money?

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A hard money loan is defined as a loan by which a borrower receives cash or funds that are secured by a piece of real estate. Typically hard money loans are issued at high interest rates – much higher than your typical traditional residential or commercial property loans. And on top of that, hard money lenders typically have pretty tall LTV requirements. If you’re looking for a hard money loan, you’re going to probably only get 50 to 65 percent of the value of the real estate in actual loan dollars. So why would anyone be interested in a hard money loan?


Meet Chuck and Nick

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog post about the power of being patient. I wanted to share this case study of two guys I started working with about a year ago that happened to come across a great deal on their first day out cruising for cash. Now it is very unusual that the first house you come across that's vacant the person is motivated to sell. Was it beginners luck maybe. This property was in a neighborhood that is very desirable by retail buyer's and investors. This house was a royal mess inside and out not to mention the title to the property had more issues than Lindsay Lohan.

Chuck and Nick started wholesaling because they heard about the quick returns. It usually takes 30 to 45 days to get a check after you sign a contract with a motivated seller. The seller of this house was motivated and we had a handful of motivated buyers/real estate investors in line to purchase the property it went under contract in no time, but it took us almost a year to close this deal due to the time it took us to clean up the title to the property. Not to mention our first end-buyer lost his patience even though after rehabbing this house he would have yielded a high five figure pay day.

Check out the videos below from the first marketing video, putting together our cash buyer signs, and finally getting to settlement:


Yvette Coles talks about her Success as a Real Estate Investor

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I started working with Yvette a little over a year ago. When I meet her she was already a highly successful landlord in our marketplace her rental portfolio brings in a good income each. Her challenge was different than most who are just starting out it was time she loves being a stay at home mom but found herself working in her real estate business instead of working on her business. When Yvette discovered she could still stay at home and spend quality time with her family and still invest in real estate she jumped all over wholesaling taking it by storm. Yvette is a prime example of the power of wholesaling real estate and the time it creates for you to do the things you truly love and have a passion for.

Yvette recently took a trip to the Caribbean with her family check out the video she shot for us below:

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