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R.I.P. Real Estate Investor Ed James

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Real Estate Investment Coaching

It’s not to often you see and read a blog post of one of your fellow house flipping comrades who recently passed away. Earlier this month I attended a funeral of ED James a.k.a. “The King of Dolfield” (in his early days). During the funeral the pastor asked the attendees if anyone wanted to reflect on the life of Ed several people he grew up with, a former girlfriend of 3 years who was almost 20 years younger than him (Ed had Swag) took to the stage and shared their condolences, stories, experiences and how he made an impact on their lives. Ed made a huge impact on my life in a very short time of getting to know him and I shared that with his family and friends.

Some of you may have attended my trainings or boot camps when I share a story about a man who had been to federal prison for 15 years for flipping kilos of cocaine who turned his life around upon his release and began his journey flipping houses legally.

See I actually got to know Ed after sending out one of my wholesale deals via email to my buyers list. Like clock work when the numbers on my deals make sense and the location is prime my phone starts ringing by the minute. This particular deal received a lot of attention from my buyers list because it was located a block from Johns Hopkins Hospital prime real estate. Up until this deal I had never partnered up with another wholesaler, since my start I had no problem finding buyers for my deals making 3 to $5k on each deal. Out of all the calls that I received that day one call stood out from the rest. I remember like it was yesterday I was seating at my dinning room table (my home office) when the call came in from a guy named Ed who wanted to purchase my deal. The first thing he asked me though was are you in anyway related to Ricky Umphery this totally was a shocker to me because Ricky Umphery was my dad who had passed away over 12 years ago then and I hadn’t heard anyone mention his name in years. I let Ed know that yes I’m related to him he is my father he went to tell me he grew up in the same neighborhood with him and that the ladies called him “Pretty Ricky” growing up and how well he could dress and how good he could dance.

After sharing those stories with me he went on to tell me he wanted to put my deal under contract and that he wanted to meet to sign the contract and put a deposit down. During that meeting Ed shared with me that he had served time in prison and that during his imprisonment he read books on Real Estate by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki and how when he first became a free man he was blessed to get a job in a call center where he started saving up his money to attend boot camps and seminars that helped lay the foundation for his future real estate business and how he eventually invested in himself and enrolled into a real estate investors mentoring program where he learned how to wholesale houses with no cash or credit needed. While listening to his story and testimony all I was thinking was real estate investing does not discriminate if you have a burning desire you can become successful.

After catching up Ed took a look at my assignment contract and saw the profit that I was making he chuckled and said that’s all your going to charge me for this deal man you should be making a lot more than that on your deals (that never happened before). Ed went on to tell me he was making 20 to 50K on each of his wholesale deals without a website and email marketing software. He was actually very impressed with my website and internet marketing strategies however he told me a was selling my self short on my deals. Especially with the amount of value I created online to my potential investors. He then went on to tell me that I was going to make 20k on this deal instead of 7k by partnering up with him on the deal and wholesaling the house to one of his cash buyers from Sudia Arabia.

Now I had never joint ventured with another wholesaler before because I actually thought I was doing quite well myself and I had heard the horror stories of wholesale deals gone BAD, but after meeting Ed I learned that partnering with other real estate investors on deals if structured correctly can bring in Bigger profits for your pockets. And that particular j.v. wholesale deal yielded a 20k pay day for me. That deal opened my mind up to several things I could start implementing in my business.

1. Be open to partnering up with other Wholesalers (if structured properly)

2. Never sell yourself short

It’s very rare in business especially in our industry that you will do a deal with someone that will actually put more money on the table for you. After that meeting Ed and I became friends and started doing more deals together (make sure you watch the videos below). Ed taught me things from an old school perspective but he always seemed to stay up with the new concepts and strategies always educating himself. One day he called me and asked if I had ever thought about selling my specialized knowledge on the internet like those boys down in Tampa Bay, Florida he went on to drop some names of some guys that I was very familiar with Preston Ely, Kenny Rushing and Nathan “The Short Sale Kid” Jurewicz and that I needed to fly down there and connect with them to learn how they sell their information. He was obviously on their email list lol.. So I took his advice and flew down to GURU city and started my journey into the information marketing industry. Ed would call it selling shovels. Since 2010 I began sharing my information through my blogs, info products, seminars, webinars, newsletters, coaching calls and boot camps.

One thing that Ed would talk about all the time once he saw that I took action with his advice to start teaching what I learned over the years to others was getting him involved some how we had planned to do a conference call and webinar on how he went from being a gangster back in the 60’s and 70’s doing some hard time in the Penitentiary surviving to come out and defeat the odds and actually make a honest living investing in tax sale certificates, wholesaling houses and rehabbing houses. Due to the procrastination bug and our busy schedules we never got the chance to sit down and knock them out. Man I wish we would have made the time so you could have learned some of those Old school secrets he used to build a million dollar real estate business with just a cell phone and laptop. Don’t worry he shared them with me and I’ll share them with you one day soon.

Thanks for Sharing, Encouraging and Inspiring ED!

This is one of many blog post you will see from me this year. Over the last 24 months I have been busy building up a coaching program that has helped many people get started just like you and become successful real estate investors. Know that it’s running like a well oiled machine I now have the luxury to get back into blogging on a regular basis and share a whole lot more. 2013 is going to be a GREAT year for you and me both I can’t wait to share more with you in the days and weeks to come. Make sure you share this post and comment on it below.

Rehabbing Houses, Wholesaling Houses, Short Sales, Lease Options, Rent to Owns, REO’s, Tax Sales and Tax Deeds have been a staple of Real Estate Investing since the beginning of time.

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NEW Real Estate Investing Daily Doodle - Email Marketing

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Take Care,

Marcel the "R.E.I. Success Maker


Facing your Fears as a Real Estate Investing Newbie

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One of the biggest things that I see hold most people back from reaching some level of success in business and life is that they are very scared at Failing Forward (which by the way is a very good book by John C. Maxwell) I have received emails, phone calls to my office and facebook messages from folks all over the country that have been sitting on the fence outside of the Real Estate Investing arena because they have been scared out of their pants and skirts to make offers to motivated sellers, listed bank owned properties for sale, REO's and short sales in their marketplace.

I'v also mentored and coached several people who were petrified about putting out bandit signs and sending out direct mail to prospective cash buyers and motivated sellers. I know your thinking just like I was as an experienced real estate investor "scared of sending out marketing to cash buyers" many newbies face these fears each and every day. One of my main focus points with my coaching/mentoring program is helping my members get over their fears and start making profits.

What to many people do is allow one little fear sabotage their entire wholesaling, rehabbing, short sale, REO and real estate investing business before it even get's off the ground. That is why it is highly beneficial to reach out to an expert, coach, or mentor to help you face your fears head on and eventually conquer them like the True Champion you are. Recently I got over one of my FEAR'S yes Marcel Umphery fears things too. I learned how to fly a plane (a float plane to be exact) was I scared at first yes, was it easy no, but did I make it.......watch the video below and see for your self.

Look you can start facing your fears today after obtaining my Specialized knowledge that I have secretly placed in my Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling Real Estate Manual that has been changing lives since 2010 and counting here is a link to gain access to my FREE eCourse and GPS Guide www.flop2flipwholesaling.com if you live or have friends or family that need a real estate mentor or coach visit my local real estate investing coaching program in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas at www.dmvreiunited.com

Watch me Face one of my Fears Head on Below:


Marcel Umphery, Than Merrill, Cory Boatright the White House?

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Hey Ladies and Gents,

It's been almost 2 months since my last Blog post I really missed sharing our Real Estate Investing Experiences and Success stories from within the Trenches. Since my mysterious disappearance from the Flop 2 Flip Nation

www.Flop2FlipNation.com my business partner Mike Jones and I have been developing and expanding our Local Real Estate training, mentoring, and coaching program for Flop to Flippers in the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan areas www.DMVREIunited.com As well as developing our National Real Estate mentoring, training and coaching program that is COMING SOON! I have gotten all of your emails and I know there is a DEMAND for more Youtube videos I promise they are coming very soon don't fall out your seats yet I know your on edge!

Earlier in the week my good friend Cory Boatright the King of Short Sales sent me an eye opening email with an article attached written by Than Merrill one of our Nations Top Real Estate Investors. Cory's email expressed one of the biggest issues affecting wholesalers, landlords, rehabbers, realtors, real estate agents real estate investors and professionals across the country. Cory also informed me that several of my GURU buddies Than Merrill, Jeff Watson, Jason Medley, Greg Clement, D.C. Fawcett recently joined John Grants Distressed Property Coalition www.distressedpropertycoalition.com to have a stronger voice in our Nation's Capitol.

We all know timing in business and life is everything it just so happened I had a meeting 2 days after receiving that email with someone from President Obama's administration regarding the new JOBS Act and how it will affect Small Business Owners real estate investors, construction workers and other industries. After reading Than's article I knew I had a responsibility to not only represent myself but Real Estate Investors throughout the United States check out the pic below I'm the GUY on the far right lol..... : ) and read Than's article and join the movement!

Real Estate Investors Marcel Umphery and Than Merrill

Pictured Above: Deputy Administrator Marie Johns

By Than Merrill
Special to Roll Call
Oct. 18, 2011, Midnight

Since the bruising August debate on raising the debt ceiling, federal lawmakers have pivoted to the topic of job creation. As we enter another election year, it’s unlikely they’ll pivot back.

But so far, politicians’ laser focus on jobs has largely ignored one simple fix that would boost employment and help small businesses and distressed communities. The fix? Removing the onerous restrictions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have placed on the private purchase of their toxic housing inventories.

For decades, private buyers were able to resell properties they’d purchased from Fannie and Freddie at their discretion. This past year, the two housing giants added a contractual addendum dictating what private real estate investors may do after a house has been purchased, including the time frame under and price at which it may be resold.

Fannie and Freddie have told U.S. banks that they must do the same. It’s unclear whether these two sought the approval of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, their overseer since going bankrupt, or Congress, the democratically elected institution with the power to write housing policy, before making this change.

The restrictions contribute to a continuingly weak housing market by keeping private real estate investors — small-business owners who buy and sell properties for a living — out of the market. These investors often offer the last, best hope for families facing foreclosure. The collateral damage caused by this policy is visible in Congressional districts throughout the country. Each foreclosure drives down neighboring home prices. Communities with foreclosure clusters experience higher crime, collect fewer taxes and face greater overall economic hardships.

Fannie, Freddie and the banks argue  that these policies are necessary to prevent fraud and get the best price for their assets. But Fannie and Freddie’s main concern here is not a new breed of fraud. The true issue is that every time these toxic assets are sold to a private buyer, their true value is revealed — something no one at either entity, or the banks, wants.

Furthermore, it is not the job of Fannie and Freddie — which bear responsibility for the housing meltdown — to set national housing policy. They will say this policy is just an internal business decision. Lawmakers shouldn’t be fooled: This is an attempt by Fannie and Freddie, currently under taxpayer conservatorship, to dictate federal policy.

There are more sensible ways to regulate an industry than slowing down commerce, which is what this policy does. The housing recovery depends on finding willing and financially stable buyers for these homes. Small, private real estate investors could help turn the housing market around by removing distressed homeowners from properties — without the pain of foreclosure — and reselling the properties to new, financially secure owners. The rehabbers would buy properties no one else wants, make the homes habitable and resell them to qualified buyers. Sadly, this policy keeps those people out.

Aside from the damage this policy does to the housing market and distressed homeowners, it is also antithetical to the prescription for a housing recovery and an overall economic one. First, it drives down home prices. When private investors participate in the process, prices get bid up. In fact, a certain percentage of Fannie and Freddie’s properties probably sell for more than they are actually worth when investors participate. Taking some of the bidders out of this process tamps down on the prices the housing giants reap for their portfolios.

Furthermore, fewer home purchases mean fewer jobs, and fewer home rehabs mean less work for small businesses. At a time when the rebuilding of America’s devastated communities is so important, Fannie and Freddie are putting workers out of business.

A new wave of foreclosures is expected this fall. These distressed homeowners need options, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are limiting them. The FHFA and Congress must act to stop this policy. The cure for this job-killing, anti-small-business policy is simple: End the contractual addendum Fannie, Freddie and banks have included with short-sale and REO purchases (a property that goes back to the mortgage company after an unsuccessful foreclosure auction), and return to the legal framework that governed the housing industry until last year. The FHFA is obligated to unwind Fannie and Freddie, and that won’t happen with this policy in place. Congress must reassert its authority to make housing policy.

Removing this policy will unleash the private real estate investor market, which has likely taken more distressed homes off the market than all federal attempts to modify loans combined.

It’s time policymakers recognize this.

Than Merrill, star of the A&E television series “Flip This House,” is a real estate investor in San Diego.

Take Care,

Marcel Umphery

"The REI Success Maker" (I turned 30 on May 30th I had to put the Wholesale Kid to Rest LOL....)

P.S. Don't forget if your in the Washington D.C., Prince Georges County, MD, Baltimore, Maryland or Virginia area stop by our next Real Estate Training in Greenbelt Maryland www.DMVREIunited.com and Look out for our National Coaching Program COMING VERY SOON!!!!

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Secret Wholesale Strategy

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Recently I have been getting questions from folks just starting out in the Wholesaling niche having trouble finding buyer's (marketing) for their deals and determining values. I really can relate to these 2 hurdles these people are encountering. When I first started just like a lot of other seasoned house flipper's encountered some of the same road blocks.

There are a couple of ways to get over and around these road blocks and hurdles. Here are a few that I know work.

Get on some of the other Wholesaler's buyers list in your marketplace. And get familiar with the neighborhoods they are selling properties in. Most seasoned wholesaler's always list the ARV, Pics, Repairs, Description and may even show a list of comparable sales. You will learn their business rhythm's and this will help you model their success.

At the same time you will notice some of the wholesaler's in your respected marketplace's online and offline marketing strategies. From using online classifieds, email marketing to the signs that they place on the property. After a few months on their buyer's list you should be able to determine what the wholesaler's are selling their properties for which will help you determine how much you need to market and sell your deals for. How to properly market your deals and as for getting your properties SOLD simple contact the Wholesaler's you have been following and structure a Co - Wholesale deal with them were you split your profits 50/50.

How do I know this works when I started Flipping Houses in 2004 I subscribed to the 2 biggest wholesaler's in my marketplace's buyer's list and studied them for about a year while sitting a t my cubicle before I flipped my first couple of deals before I left my J.O.B. And now there are NEW wholesaler's in my marketplace doing the same with us.

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I ran into a Google Maps car on Wednesday lol.....

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Flop 2 Flip Flipper's,

I hope you all had a really good 4th of July weekend! I actually got a chance to enjoy some time with family and friends stuffing down hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and ribs one word GOOD!

About 5 years ago I started using satellite views on google maps to identify potential wholesale deals in our marketplace that would come through one of our motivated seller funnels. This Google tool really helped us get familiar with the area and type of property we were about to make an offer on from single family homes, row houses, town homes, land and commercial property. The satellite view is so good we could even see roof damage to some of the prospective wholesale deals before we even got there.

Then the unthinkable happened one day I was actually using the satellite view and by mistake dragged the little orange man on to the map trying to zoom in and somehow stumbled on the street view tool. This totally changed the game. With the Google street view it made it a lot easier to run comparable sales and actually see the properties up close before actually going out to see them in person. This is so beneficial when talking to motivated seller's especially absentee owners who haven't seen their properties in years. We have had many instances where we have made offers right over the phone just from the picture Google street view has given us.

It's funny I have always been fascinated on how Google managed to get street views of all of the streets in my marketplace and across the country. If you took a strong look at the pic above while I was out getting some office supplies I took a quick pic of one of Google's Map-mobiles in the parking lot with my smart phone. I said to myself so this is how Google's providing us with these awesome street views. Check out the picture below of one of my latest wholesale deals here in Baltimore it's straight off of Google's street view:

If your not already using Google street view hopefully this blog post will change that. It's definitely a good resource to add in your Real Estate Investing toolbox!

Take Care,


P.S. On July 23 and 24th I will be holding a All-Content no fluff training at my Real Estate comrade Dave Lindahl's Wealth Conference www.WealthConference.com

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